Study unit code    U009 2018

Level Study program or it's part Year Semester
1 4000 LAW 2 Winter

ECTS kredits 7

Hours - Lectures 40
Hours - Seminars 5
Hours - Work 21
Hours - e-Work 14
Hours - Individual Student's Work 130

red. prof. dr. SENČUR PEČEK DARJA

Languages - lectures slovene
Languages - tutorial slovene

No prerequisits 
Content (Syllabus outline)
Development and definition of labour law. Sources of international labour law, national sources of labour law (heteronomous and autonomous legal sources for employees and public servants). Term employment relationship and differences towards other sorts of work. Conditions for employment. Prohibition of discrimination at employment. Contents of the Employment contract. Alteration and Conclusion of a new Employment contract. Specialities of employment contracts. Working time (determination of working time, breaks, rests, annual leave and other absence from work). Payment for work in the private and public sector. Education of employees/public servants. Disciplinary liability and liability for damages. Change of employer (transfer of undertakings). Termination of employment contract. Protection of certain categories of employees. Protection of rights of employees/public servants. Providing security and health at work. Labour inspection. Representatives of employees (functioning of trade unions and participation o employees). Collective bargaining. Right to strike.  
• Kresal Šoltes K., Kresal B., Senčur Peček D., Vodnik po pravicah iz delovnega razmerja, Inštitut za delo pri PF Ljubljana, 2014. • Bečan I. et al., Zakon o delovnih razmerjih s komentarjem, IUS Software, GV Založba Ljubljana, 2016. • A. Cvetko et al: Pogodba o zaposlitvi in podjetniška kolektivna pogodba, GV Založba Ljubljana, 2004. • Zakon o delovnih razmerjih. • Zakon o javnih uslužbencih. • Zakon o kolektivnih pogodbah. • Zakon o stavki. • Zakon o reprezentativnosti sindikatov. • Zakon o sodelovanju delavcev pri upravljanju. • Zakon o varnosti in zdravju pri delu. • Zakon o inšpekciji dela.  
Obtaining of knowledge in the field of individual and collective labour law 
Intendend learning outcomes - knowledge and understanding
Knowledge and Understanding: - on the importance of labour law - on rights, obligations and liabilities of employee and employer - on social dialogue and the role of representatives of employees  
Intendend learning outcomes - transferable/key skills and other attributes'
Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes: - Oral and written expression on legal problems - Connecting theory of labour law with practice, in a way that the student will be able to compose several acts (employment contract, termination of employment contract  
Learning and teaching methods
• lectures • seminars • seminar practice. Part of the tutorial is in a classroom while the rest is in the form of e-learning (e-tutorials may be given via video-conferencing or with the help of specially designed e-material in a virtual electronic learning environment) • individual work with students • resolving concrete cases, discussion of jurisdiction  

Assessment Weight (%)
Lab works 10  
Written examination 40  
Oral examination 50  
• obligations at seminar practice (a student is admitted to the written part of exam on condition he/she fulfilled the obligations at seminar practice) • written examination (a student is admitted to the oral part of the examination on condition he/she passed the written part first), • oral examination