Study unit code    U010 2018

Level Study program or it's part Year Semester
1 4000 LAW 2 Winter

ECTS kredits 7

Hours - Lectures 55
Hours - Seminars 15
Hours - Work 15
Hours - e-Work 10
Hours - Individual Student's Work 115

red. prof. dr. RIJAVEC VESNA

Languages - lectures slovene
Languages - tutorial slovene

Content (Syllabus outline)
Basic Terminology of Family law. Marriage: formalities, void marriages, legal consequences of marriage, ending and divorce of marriage. Cohabitation. Same sex civil partnership. Relations between parents and children: establishing parentage, presumption of paternity for the child born in wedlock, acknowledgement of paternity, establishing of paternity and maternity, paternity and maternity of child, conceived with biomedical assistance. Adoption. Rights and duties of parents and children. Challenge of paternity and maternity. Foster Care. Guardianship: Guardianship for minors, Guardianship for persons deprived of business capacity, Guardianship for special cases. Family planning: free decision for child birth, Svobodno odločanje za rojstvo otrok, insemination with biomedical help. Terminology and basic principles of succession law. Conditions for the opening of succession. Definition of estate. Speciality of enterprising property, participation in commercial companies and denationalizationed property. Exclusion of certain property from estate due to the descendant's contributions to increase the decedent's property during common living, exclusion of received social help. Intestate succession: parentel-linear system with representation, order of succession, succession of single categories of heirs, ius representationis, accretion. Compulsory portion, circle of compulsory heirs, calculation of compulsory portion, eliminating the deprivation of the compulsory heir, disinheritance, Incalculation of gifts and bequests into succession portion. Testamentary Succession: The conditions for a valid will, different types of wills, content of a will, explanation, preserving, and reconstruction of a will. Succession law contracts: succession contract, contract on the topi cof the will, denouncement of the future succession, the contracts with succession law elemnts in Obligation code. The estate without heirs. The system of acquisition: hereditary statements, hereditary transmission. The curator of the estate. Hereditary community. Liability for deceden's debts. The procedures. Death certificate and security of the estate. The role of notary in regulation of the succession. Separatio bonorum. Relation between probate and civil trial procedure. Jurisdiction for probate procedure. Direction to the lawsuit. Decision of succession. Civil trial as the correctional remedy. Fundamental characteristics of succession of agricultural economies (farms).  
• B. Novak: Družinsko pravo, Uradni list RS, Ljubljana 2014. • KRALJIĆ, Suzana, RIJAVEC, Vesna. Slovenia, (International Encyclopaedia of Laws, Suppl. 68 (2014)). Alphen aan den Rijn: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business: Kluwer Law International, cop. 2014. 224 str. ISBN 978-90-654-4888-0. • K. Zupančič, V. Žnidaršič Skubic: Dedno pravo, Uradni list RS, Ljubljana 2007. • S. KRALJIĆ. Nadstarševstvo ali quo vadis sodobno starševstvo = Helikopter-Elternschaft oder quo vadis moderne Elternschaft. V: ŽNIDARŠIČ, V. (ur.), VLAHEK, A. (ur.), PODOBNIK, K. (ur.). Zbornik v čast Karla Zupančiča : družinsko in dedno pravo pred izzivi prihodnosti : zbornik znanstvenih razprav v čast 80. rojstnega dne zaslužnega profesorja dr. Karla Zupančiča. Ljubljana: Pravna fakulteta, 2014, str. 129-155. • Zakon o zakonski zvezi in družinskih razmerjih (veljavno besedilo). • Zakon o registraciji istospolne partnerske skupnosti (veljavno besedilo). • Zakon o izvajanju rejniške dejavnosti (veljavno besedilo) • Zakon o preprečevanju nasilja v družini (veljavno besedilo) • Zakon o zdravstvenih ukrepih pri uresničevanju pravice do svobodnega odločanja o rojstvih (veljavno besedilo). • Zakon o zdravljenju neplodnosti in postopkih oploditve z biomedicinsko pomočjo (veljavno besedilo). • Zakon o dedovanju (veljavno besedilo). • Zakon o dedovanju kmetijskih gospodarstev (veljavno besedilo). • Zakon o notariatu (veljavno besedilo) – posamezne določbe.  
Acquisition of knowledge in field of family and succession law. 
Intendend learning outcomes - knowledge and understanding
Knowledge and Understanding: - Knowledge and understanding of institutes of family and succession law, - Ability of solving legal problems in this field by using relevant legal sources.  
Intendend learning outcomes - transferable/key skills and other attributes'
Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes: - Ability of solving legal problems by using relevant legal sources.  
Learning and teaching methods
• lectures, • seminars, • tutorials. Part of the tutorial is in a classroom while the rest is in the form of e-learning (e-tutorials may be given via video-conferencing or with the help of specially designed e-material in a virtual electronic learning environment), • individual work, • group work, • case study., • role play.  

Assessment Weight (%)
Lab works 30  
Written examination 70  
The students pass the exam, if all obligations are fulfilled • tutorial obligations (successfully passed tutorial obligation are condition for the access to the written examination) • written examination