Study unit code    U024 2018

Level Study program or it's part Year Semester
1 4000 LAW 3 Summer

ECTS kredits 7

Hours - Lectures 50
Hours - Seminars 10
Hours - Work 21
Hours - e-Work 14
Hours - Individual Student's Work 115

red. prof. dr. KOCBEK MARIJAN
red. prof. dr. PRELIČ SAŠA

Languages - lectures slovene
Languages - tutorial slovene

Knowledge of principal institutions in civil law, e. g. contractual law and law of torts.  
Content (Syllabus outline)
• Introduction to company law: notion of company law, constitutional principles on legal status of business entities, sources of company law, development of company law, unification and harmonization of company law. • Company and enterprise: notion of company, company as a legal person, notion of enterprise, theories on enterprise, relations between company and enterprise, principles on establishment of companies (obligatory framework, numerus clausus). • Legal characteristics of the companies: business activity, company name and other means of individualization, representation, branch office. • Company secret and prohibition of competition • Principal on court register: notion on court register, principles of register law, organization of operation of court register, entries in court register. • Principal characteristics of company accounting: aim of accounting in operating of the companies, accounting documents and business books, publicity of the informations of the company operation. • Sole proprietorship • Partnerships: notion and principal characteristics, general partnership, limited partnership, double partnership, silent partnership. • Companies with limited liability: notion and principal characteristics, public limited liability company, European company (Societas Europaea), private limited liability company. • Principal characteristics on company winding up.  
• Š. Ivanjko, M. Kocbek, S. Prelič: Korporacijsko pravo, GV Založba, Ljubljana, 2009. • M. Kocbek (red.): Veliki Komentar Zakona o gospodarskih družbah, 2., dopolnjena izdaja z novelami ZGD-1A do ZGD-1H, 1. – 3. knjiga, IUS Software, GV Založba, Ljubljana 2014. • M. Kocbek, S. Prelič: ZGD-1 z novelo ZGD-1I, Uvodna pojasnila, IUS Software, GV Založba, Ljubljana 2015. • Zakon o gospodarskih družbah in druga temeljna zakonodaja. 
This subject aims to provide students with basic knowledge on organization and legal status of the business entities. 
Intendend learning outcomes - knowledge and understanding
Knowledge and Understanding: Upon completion of this course the student will be able to: - demonstrate his understanding of traditional institutions in company law and to connect them to other fields of civil law, - use legal provisions in concrete situations, e.g. to define facts of the state and make subsumptions under appropriate legal institute.  
Intendend learning outcomes - transferable/key skills and other attributes'
Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes: Oral and writing expression of legal problems of business law, usage of abstract rules in concrete legal relations, composing simple legal documents (e. g. statutes, particulars, motions for entry into court register, etc).  
Learning and teaching methods
• Lectures, • seminars, • tutorial. Part of the tutorial is in a classroom while the rest is in the form of e-learning (e-tutorials may be given via video-conferencing or with the help of specially designed e-material in a virtual electronic learning environment), • individual work, • dealing in concrete cases, • discussion of jurisprudence 

Assessment Weight (%)
Lab works 20  
Written examination 60  
Oral examination 20  
• Tutorial (a student admitted to the written part of the examination he/she passed the tutorial obligations first) • written examination (a student admitted to the oral part of the examination he/she passed the written part first; if a student passes a written test, the result may substitute for 20 % of the grade of the written examination), • oral examination.